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Venture University

31 Diciembre 2023

The World's Leading Investor Accelerator For Venture Capital, Private Equity, & Angel Investing. .

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  •  Sign Up For VU's Newsletter H2
  • Venture University's Investor Accelerators Are Designed For Individuals Looking To Gain High Quality Investment Experience In Order To Break Into The VC/PE Industry, Launch Their Own Funds, & Advance Their Careers H2
  • VU By The Numbers H2
  • Reviews & Testimonials H2
  • The Benefits Of Joining Venture University H2
  • Meet VU's 2023 CohortsAcross U.S., Europe, & Asia-Pacific H2
  • Bear Flag Robotics Acquired By John Deere For $250M H2
  • VU Celebrates Its Three Year Anniversary! H2
  • The Rise Of The Chimera: Eating Unicorns For Lunch H2
  • Spyce Acquired By sweetgreen H2
  • Join VU In Our San Francisco Or Hong Kong Offices, Or Virtually From Anywhere! H2
  • Made In Space Acquired by Redwire / AE Industrial Partners H2
  • Investments H2
  • Venture University Receives "Startup Of The Year" Award H2
  • Hire VU's Cohort Members & Alumni H2
  • Featured Articles H2
  • Build Equity In Your Education H2
  •    The World's Leading Investor Accelerator For Venture Capital,Private Equity, & Angel Investing H3
  • 700+ VU Alumni H3
  • ~66% Get VC/PE Jobs H3
  • 4 Cohorts per Year per Investor Accelerator H3
  • 2 Investor Accelerators H3
  • 6 Executive Education Programs H3
  • 2 Investment Apprenticeships H3
  • 6 Ceritificate Programs H3
  • 6 Vertical Venture Capital Investment Teams H3
  • 4 Vertical Real Estate Investment Teams H3
  • Make ~2-7 Venture Capital Investments per Quarter H3
  • 90+ Venture Capital Portfolio Companies H3
  • Make 1-2 Real Estate Private Equity Investments per Quarter H3
  • The Masterclass H3
  • The Advanced Modules H3
  • Fireside Chats H3
  • Top Performing VC Experience Over 45+ Yrs H3
  • Top Performance Real Estate Investment Experience Over 55+ Years H3
  • VU's Affinity Investor Syndiate Network: Bonded Capital H3
  • Locations H3
  • VU's Investment Managers Have Been Some Of The Earliest & Largest Investors In 20+ Unicorns H3
  • Receive updates on Venture University, our cohorts, and the companies we invest in. H4
  • Watch Video Testimonials H4
  • VU Has 600+ Global Alumni, Who Now Working At Other VC/PE Funds, Have Launched Their Own Funds, Angel Invest, & Have Become LPs In Funds H4
  • VU Cohort 8's portfolio company, Bear Flag Robotics, an autonomous driving farm tractor platform, returned ~10x in 14 months, yielding a ~700% IRR. H4
  • Understanding The Market Size Dynamics For Company’s Worth $1+ Billion (Unicorns) to $1+ Trillion (Chimeras) H4
  • Robotic Restaurant Technology Brand Acquired By Rapidly Expanding Salad Restaurant Chain Prior To IPO H4
  • Apply To Join VU's Investor Accelerator & Executive Education Programs H4
  • 80+ Portfolio Companies Across Consumer, Enterprise, FinTech, Frontier, Healthcare, PropTech, & Web3 H4
  • Awarded For Disrupting The Venture Capital And Education Industry, & Increasing The Quantity & Quality Of Diversity Within The VC/PE Ecosystem H4
  • Are you hiring Analysts, Associates, Principals, Partners to join your investment team? Share the job opportunity with us and we'll curate the top 3-5 candidates for you to interview from VU's current cohort and VU alumni. Each quarter VU selects ~1% of the candidates that apply to be part of our Investor Accelerator. H4
  • "A Trade School For The Innovation Economy" - Forbes "The Investment Fund That Reinvented The Trade School" - The Harvard Crimson "Venture University Is Diversifying The Playing Field And Curating The Future Investors In The Venture Capital And Private Equity Game" - Startup Beat H4
  • Value Comparison: Undergrad vs. MBA vs. Venture University H4
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   the world's leading investor accelerator for venture capital,private equity, & angel investing, 700+ vu alumni, ~66% get vc/pe jobs, 4 cohorts per year per investor accelerator, 2 investor accelerators, 6 executive education programs, 2 investment apprenticeships, 6 ceritificate programs, 6 vertical venture capital investment teams, 4 vertical real estate investment teams, make ~2-7 venture capital investments per quarter, 90+ venture capital portfolio companies, make 1-2 real estate private equity investments per quarter, the masterclass, the advanced modules, fireside chats, top performing vc experience over 45+ yrs, top performance real estate investment experience over 55+ years, vu's affinity investor syndiate network: bonded capital, locations, vu's investment managers have been some of the earliest & largest investors in 20+ unicorns,  sign up for vu's newsletter, venture university's investor accelerators are designed for individuals looking to gain high quality investment experience in order to break into the vc/pe industry, launch their own funds, & advance their careers, vu by the numbers, reviews & testimonials, the benefits of joining venture university, meet vu's 2023 cohortsacross u.s., europe, & asia-pacific, bear flag robotics acquired by john deere for $250m, vu celebrates its three year anniversary!, the rise of the chimera: eating unicorns for lunch, spyce acquired by sweetgreen, join vu in our san francisco or hong kong offices, or virtually from anywhere!, made in space acquired by redwire / ae industrial partners, investments, venture university receives "startup of the year" award, hire vu's cohort members & alumni, featured articles, build equity in your education, receive updates on venture university, our cohorts, and the companies we invest in., watch video testimonials, vu has 600+ global alumni, who now working at other vc/pe funds, have launched their own funds, angel invest, & have become lps in funds , vu cohort 8's portfolio company, bear flag robotics, an autonomous driving farm tractor platform, returned ~10x in 14 months, yielding a ~700% irr., understanding the market size dynamics for company’s worth $1+ billion (unicorns) to $1+ trillion (chimeras), robotic restaurant technology brand acquired by rapidly expanding salad restaurant chain prior to ipo, apply to join vu's investor accelerator & executive education programs, 80+ portfolio companies across consumer, enterprise, fintech, frontier, healthcare, proptech, & web3, awarded for disrupting the venture capital and education industry, & increasing the quantity & quality of diversity within the vc/pe ecosystem, are you hiring analysts, associates, principals, partners to join your investment team? share the job opportunity with us and we'll curate the top 3-5 candidates for you to interview from vu's current cohort and vu alumni. each quarter vu selects ~1% of the candidates that apply to be part of our investor accelerator., "a trade school for the innovation economy" - forbes "the investment fund that reinvented the trade school" - the harvard crimson "venture university is diversifying the playing field and curating the future investors in the venture capital and private equity game" - startup beat, value comparison: undergrad vs. mba vs. venture university, more, chats, demo, reits, capital, investment, investors, fund, top, career, private, record, programs, program, fireside, estate, invest, video, portfolio, join, companies, job, cohort, accelerator, investments, education, venture, quarter, learn, certificate, advanced, investor, ultimate, vcpe, list, modules, months, masterclass, -demand, teams, accelerators, equity, apprenticeship, alumni, real, experience, track, build, executive, vus,